200mm Vented Flat Board


200mm Vented Flat General Purpose Board. Available in 3m and 5m lengths.
5m (only available via Store Collection)

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Woodgrain Range available in Black Woodgrain, Sherwood Woodgrain, Rosewood Woodgrain and Mahogany Woodgrain.

 A 200mm Vented Flat Board is designed to allow the construction of soffits and fascias, which help to protect the roofspace and rafters of a building while also keeping heat in and the elements out. Made from high quality plastic that is easy to clean and maintain and won’t rot, warp or degrade, this product is extremely cost effective in the long term. It also comes with built-in vents, which help to increase air flow and reduce the risk of damp internally. This product comes in a range of colours so it can be easily matched with existing fixtures nearby.


Black Woodgrain (BG), Mahogany Woodgrain (WG), Rosewood Woodgrain (RW), Sherwood Woodgrain (LO), White

Length Size

3m, 5m

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