5mm Woodland Beige (Pack Of 4)


5mm Woodland Beige Cladding
Only Available in Pack of 4
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  • Width: 250mm, Height: 2.6m, Thickness: 5mm

The 5mm Woodland Beige (Pack Of 4) cladding option is a great choice for anyone wanting to add a splash of colour and an interesting pattern onto any wall in their house, but without all of the hassle and expense of tiling. This product is made from 100% PVC, which is tough, hard-wearing and virtually maintenance free. It is also waterproof, so it can be installed in any room in the house including kitchens and bathrooms without fear that it will rot or warp. This product is also extremely hygienic thanks to its smooth, texture free finish, which is easy to clean and leaves germs nowhere to hide.

Available for delivery or collection from stores. 

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