8mm Black Rain Sparkle (Pack Of 4) Wall Panel Cladding


8mm Black Rain Sparkle Cladding
Only Available in Pack of 4

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  • Width: 250mm, Height: 2.6m, Thickness: 5mm

8mm Black Rain Sparkle Wall Panel Cladding is a touch of class and a lot of sparkle for any room in your house, perfect for use in the kitchen or bathroom thanks to its 100% waterproof PVC construction, while also making for a stunning feature in a living room or bedroom too. The hard-wearing PVC fabric of this product makes it exceptionally tough as well as far more flexible and cost-effective than the natural alternative, all while retaining that exceptional finish that makes it a statement piece. Thanks to the smooth, sleek finish these Wall Panels are also virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean, so it’s also the most hygienic choice because there are no cracks and crevices to hide bacteria.

Available for delivery or collection from stores. 

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