Copenhagen Blue 400mm (Pack Of 4)


Copenhagen Blue 400mm Wall Cladding
Only Available in Pack of 4
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  • Width: 400mm, Height: 2.6m, Thickness: 8mm

This Copenhagen Blue 400mm (Pack Of 4) Wall Cladding has all the rustic charm of imitation mixed delft tiles without the expense or hassle of the real thing, thanks to its lightweight and tough PVC construction. This product is easy to use and flexible so that it can be modified to fit anywhere in your house, even places where tiling would be difficult, while it is also 100% waterproof. This means it can be used in the bathroom or kitchen without fear that it will rot and warp, while its smooth and textureless surface makes it nearly maintenance free and easy to clean because there are no cracks to hide bacteria.

Available for delivery or collection from stores. 

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