Half Round Gutter Angle 120°



Gutter Angle 120°. Coloured Range available in White, Black, Brown, Anthracite Grey and Grey.

Half Round Gutter Angle 120 degrees.

Coloured Range is available in White, Black, Brown, Anthracite Grey and Grey.

Introducing our premium quality half-round guttering 120-degree angle component, proudly made in Britain and built to last. This essential component is designed to connect two lengths of half-round guttering at a 120-degree angle, providing a reliable and efficient rainwater drainage system for your property. Precision-engineered and manufactured using premium materials, our 120-degree gutter angle component ensures a secure and reliable connection that withstands the toughest weather conditions. Our product is easy to install and provides a hassle-free installation experience. Choose from various colours to match your existing guttering and trust in our product’s exceptional durability and longevity. Upgrade your rainwater drainage system with our premium quality half-round guttering.


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