Aquacel Fascia Capping Board External Corner- 300mm



300mm 90° Fascia Corner.

Woodgrain Range available in Black Woodgrain, Sherwood Woodgrain, Rosewood Woodgrain, Anthracite Grey and Mahogany Woodgrain.

Coloured Range available in Black and Brown.

Also available in 5m. Collection from stores only. 

KFBC is a 300mm 90° Fascia Corner, a product designed to help you create fascias that look neat and are as useful as possible at keeping out bad weather, and keeping heat in. Fascias are designed to protect the front end of a roof, and to keep the eaves of a house warm and dry. Made from high quality plastic that is strong and durable, while being resistant to mould, rotting and warping, this product is perfect for keeping your fascia installation secure. They are also light and easy to fit while being virtually maintenance free.


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