300mm Joint.


Woodgrain Range available in Black Woodgrain, Sherwood Woodgrain, Rosewood Woodgrain, Anthracite Grey and Mahogany Woodgrain.

Coloured Range available in Black and Brown.

Also available in 5m. Collection from stores only. 

KFBJ is a commonly used part designed to help construct fascias on domestic, commercial and industrial buildings, so that the roof structure is protected from bad weather and remains thermally efficient. Made from high quality plastic that won’t rot, bend or warp even after prolonged use, this part is perfect for adding joints to your fascia to make sure you get 100% coverage around the roof structure. It is also easy to clean and virtually maintenance free, while also being light and easy to fit.


Anthracite Grey, Black, Black Woodgrain (BG), Brown, Mahogany Woodgrain (WG), Rosewood Woodgrain (RW), Sherwood Woodgrain (LO), White

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