600mm Joint.


Woodgrain Range available in Black Woodgrain, Sherwood Woodgrain, Rosewood Woodgrain and Mahogany Woodgrain.

Also available in 5m. Collection from stores only. 

KFBJ600 is a 600m facsia capping board that is designed to help create a sealed and weatherproof end to your fascia once it has been installed on a project. This helps prevent damage to a building from the elements, as well as keeping the space thermally efficient. This product is made from high quality plastic that is tough and hard wearing, and unlike other materials it won’t rot, warp, bend or degrade over time. It is also light and easy to use, and can be installed by the minimum number of people.


Black Woodgrain (BG), Mahogany Woodgrain (WG), Rosewood Woodgrain (RW), Sherwood Woodgrain (LO), White

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