Starter Trim


Starter Trim
5m (only available via Store Collection)

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Woodgrain Range available in Black Woodgrain, Sherwood Woodgrain, Rosewood Woodgrain and Mahogany Woodgrain.

Coloured Range available in White, Black and Brown.

A Starter Trim is a product designed to be used to finish off a soffit or fascia construction, providing both aesthetic improvement to the design as well as adding an extra layer of protection from dust and debris or bad weather. Made from high quality plastic, this product is extremely durable and able to perform well despite constant use outside and in bad weather. It won’t rot or warp like other materials, and it is easy to clean and maintain. It is also available in a range of colours and patterns so it can be more easily blended with existing fixtures.


Anthracite Grey, Black, Black Woodgrain (BG), Brown, Mahogany Woodgrain (WG), Rosewood Woodgrain (RW), Sherwood Woodgrain (LO), White

Length Size

3m, 5m

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