Soil & Waste

What are Soil Pipes and Waste Pipes?

Soil and Waste Pipes are essential components when it comes to transporting waste and excess water from home applications. Although they are often unseen in many homes and buildings, some can be attached to the external of certain buildings. Consequently, it is essential they don’t distract from the overall aesthetic, all whilst performing the task they are required to do.

With the advancements in technology, many of these pipes are now constructed with the use of strong and durable PVC plastics, and who better to go to when in need of such products than the Plastic Centre.

Waste Pipe Fittings

We here at the Plastic Centre are one of the leading suppliers when it comes to stocking a host of different Push Fit Waste Pipes. Whether it’s overflow products or waste traps, we stock a range of products in order to meet all your requirements.

One of the most utilised products we currently house is the Waste Pipe, all of which are 3 metres long but come in 3 alternate widths ranging between 32mm and 50mm. Moreover, these have the option to come in 3 separate monochrome colours, these being white, grey and black, keeping their overall aesthetic clean when fitted. 

Commonly coming hand in hand with these straight waste pipes are their corresponding fittings, all of which vary when it comes to their design. Whether their a simple straight coupling feature bends, there is an angle regardless of your requirements. Furthermore, there are a number of ranch fittings which can aid when constructing branching systems. All of these we have mentioned also have the ability to be more refined to your needs coming in a number of different sizes and selectable colours.

Soil Pipes and Fittings

In addition to all of this, the Plastic Centre also offer some of the highest quality soil pipes currently available on the market. From couplers to reducers and even branches, we stock everything you could possibly need when it comes to soil pipes and their accompanying fittings.

All of our products are extremely versatile, with easy installation being prioritised during design. This is clear when looking at our Push Fit Soil products, in which you can quite easily push, twist and lock them in order to secure them in place. Coming in two different sizes, these being 110mm Push Fit Soil Pipe and 160mm Push Fit Soil Pipe, the Single Socket Pipe can be used as a main component within your soil pipe systems. Additionally, these come in two different colours, black and grey.

To go along with this, a Soil Pipe Coupler or Socket Bend can be utilised alongside a host of different Socket Tee Branches and Socket Reducers, each of which comes in a number of different angles, ranging between 92.5° and 135°. The wide range of options available means you can find the product ideal for all of your underground needs. All of these are also created with the highest quality of durable, strong plastics, meaning the pipes themselves will be reliable when called into action.

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