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Soil and Waste Pipes & Systems

When it comes to push-fit soil and solvent waste systems, Plastic Centre are leading suppliers, offering you the very best when it comes to price, quality and reliability. Available in all sizes, shapes, finishes and materials, the choice is yours when it comes to our multiplex waste systems, overflow waste products and waste traps. Whatever you’re looking to complete, be it a renovation on your home or a project from the ground up, these drainage and waste pipes are a perfect choice. Both our solvent drainage systems and push-fit soil pipe systems have their advantages; it just depends on the job you’re looking to complete.

There are over 100 products to choose from in this collection, all manufactured right here in Britain. If you know what you’re looking for, head to your desired product category, choose what you need and checkout with ease. Remember, if you spend £150, you’ll qualify for free delivery on your order. If you’re not sure what you need or can’t find the exact product, get in touch with our team. They’re here to help and on hand to answer any questions you may have about the plastic products we have on offer. 

If you’re looking for underground drainage systems and pipes, then head over to our underground specialist section, featuring rubber adaptors and a range of sizes for underground drainage systems. For all your underground needs, you’re in the right place. Please take a look at our popular collection of 110mm push-fit soil drainage products. With over 40 available, you’re sure to find the exact match for your job. If you’re not looking for push-fit soil systems, check out our solvent soil systems that offer strength and reliability. Both of these options offer their own unique characteristics, whether it be the flexibility of the push-fit soil drainage system or the solvent drainage system that can withstand higher temperatures. Here at Plastic Centre, we stock a huge range of both systems, giving you an ultimate choice when it comes to the job at hand. Whatever system you do decide to choose, you’re guaranteed the highest quality out there.

We’re the leading experts and manufacturers of plastic products and have been for the past 40 years. When it comes to offering the highest standard of product and the most affordable options out there, there is nobody better than us here at Plastic Centre. Whatever your budget is for your renovation, project or next job, you’re able to find products that will suit and will no doubt improve the space. 

We stock over 4,000 products across all ranges, from rainwater drainage systems and guttering to underground soil waste systems and PVC products, ranging from soffits and fascias to wall cladding and shower panels. Contact us for a free quote if you’re looking to carry out a big job or renovation. We can help with all your needs and will provide the very best price. We understand how important the perfect finish is on your job, so we look to provide the industry’s best soil pipes and drainage systems.

Check out everything we have to offer and discover unbeatable prices across all of our collections.

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