Soil & Waste

Soil and Waste Pipes & Systems

The Plastic Centre offers a wide range of soil and waste pipes, fittings and connectors, in fact we can provide you with the full soil and waste system. Our range of soil & waste products includes solvent weld and push fit connecting systems. 

The advantage with push fit soil and waste pipe systems is that they can be built, dismantled and rebuilt, and adjusted when needed. The push fit systems come complete with water-tight ring seals to prevent leaks. Push fit systems are suitable for gravity water systems and are ideal for domestic DIY plumbing and where solvent weld systems are just impractical. 

MuPVC solvent weld systems are much stronger and more permanent with smaller and cleaner joints. Solvent weld systems are not suitable for mom-pressurised soil and waste water systems but can withstand higher temperatures than push fit systems. Solvent weld pipes are tested to 0.5 bar. 

Plastics Centre stock a wide range of both solvent weld and push fit systems, including:

  • 110mm Push Fit Soil
  • 160mm Push Fit Soil
  • 110mm Solvent Soil
  • Pan Connector
  • Push Fit Waste
  • Solvent Waste
  • Multiplex Waste 
  • Overflow Waste 
  • Traps

All our Soil & Waste products are manufactured here in the UK and can be easily fitted under the correct instruction. All products are backed by our guarantees and with over 40 years in the industry you can be sure that they are coming from a trusted supplier. Contact Us today for a free quote.

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