Plastic Wall Panels & Decor Wall Cladding

Plastic Wall Panels UK

When applying the finishing touches to a room, cladding and cladding trims can often be overlooked. However, these stylish plastic wall panels can be idealistic choices, offering some nice accents to complete the look of a wall and negating the empty spaces left over.

The great thing about our plastic wall cladding is that they aren’t limited to particular types of rooms and can be easily applied to various places. From kitchens to bathrooms or even in the shower, these cladding panels can help complete a room’s overall aesthetic. 

Even better is the easy installation of plastic wall coverings; they don’t require much effort, and applying them is a straightforward process. What’s more, the plastics these are constructed with are highly durable but still lightweight. Taking into consideration the overall benefits, they still manage to maintain a low cost. They can even be as cheap as £5, meaning they can be accommodated into any budget, big or small.

Plastic Wall Panels Sizes 

At the Plastic Centre, we stock 3 main sizes of wall panels, each ideal for different purposes. The smallest-sized panels we offer are the 250mm plastic wall panels, and despite their smaller size, these can still help transform the overall look of a room. Moving onto the slightly larger panel size, the 400mm plastic wall panels option also offers the same aesthetical benefits, just with a somewhat more extensive coverage for those walls with a bit extra space to cover. The largest size we stock is the 1000mm wall panels, predominantly utilised in showers.

Kitchen Wall Cladding

The 400m Kitchen Wall Panels are some of the most decorative we stock at the Plastic Centre, with a host of different patterns and designs to elevate the look of your room, from intricate checkered designs to the more naturalistic stone style textures, each of these. Despite these products being top of the range, we still keep them affordable. Not only this, but these are extremely versatile and not to mention easy to install. And with them being fitted in kitchens, their sleek surfaces are easily cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about any stains or splashes they may receive.

Plastic Bathroom Wall Panels

Moving into the Bathroom, the pvc wall panels we stock offer all the same qualities, just with several unique decors. Compared to the design of the kitchen panels, these options are much more sterile in their design, offering some more monochrome colours to choose from to maintain the sleek aesthetic of a bathroom.

Plastic Shower Wall Panels

Similar to the general bathroom wall panels, the Plastic Shower Panels we offer come in more muted and pastel colour pallets while providing more colourful options for the sparkle-infused panel selections. In addition, these are extremely durable. With them coming into contact with water, they aren’t permeable, ensuring they protect the walls they are placed upon.


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