250mm Wall Panels

250mm Wall Panels

The 250mm PVC wall panels here at the Plastic Centre are a great and cheap alternative to classic tile patterns in the bathroom and kitchen. Whether you’re re-designing a new room or refreshing the existing style of a space, these wall panels are the solution to previous decorating woes. There is a huge selection of styles and patterns available to choose from, with the bathroom wall panels on site that are purchased in packs of four.

These 250mm shower panel products are made from hard-wearing PVC plastic that gives the impression of tiles without the risk of mould or water damage. These  250mm plastic wall panels come in a variety of designs, including contemporary, marble, natural and sparkle, that can create an authentic 3-D effect. 

These 250mm wall panels could be used for cladding in rooms like the bathroom or kitchen where condensation could become an issue. The durable plastic material used to create these 250mm PVC wall panels makes them easy to install either on a bare wall or over the top of existing tiles.

The Benefits of Using 250mm Wall Panels

There are a number of advantages to using PVC wall panels instead of classic tiles or other decorative features in the house. These panels are easy to install, requiring no professional equipment, so the user will save money by installing the panels themself. Once the 250mm plastic wall panels are set up, the plastic they are made from requires minimum maintenance and will not grow mould or warp.

Another benefit of using 250mm PVC wall panels instead of classic decorative tiles is the price. These plastic wall panels can be used for single walls, shower areas or entire bathrooms if you wish. The 250mm wall panels on site can vary in thickness and price from as low as £26 for a pack of four; we’re sure to have the right panels for any purpose at the Plastic Centre.

250mm Wall Panels from the Plastic Centre

There is a great range of products to choose from at the Plastic Centre, with over 30+ designs to choose from. The different styles include Brick & Stone Effect 250mm Wall Panels, Marble Effect 250mm Wall Panels, Contemporary Effect 250mm Wall Panels, and Sparkle Effect 250mm Wall Panels designs in different colours and patterns. The range of products means that there is a 250mm PVC wall panel to suit all styles and rooms.

All of these products are made from high-quality PVC that provides a durable, waterproof cover, no matter the design or thickness of the product. These are extremely easy to keep clean, with very little maintenance required once the wall panels are in place.

All of the bathroom wall panel 250mm in width have a height of approximately 2.6 metres and varying thicknesses. The plastic panels can be resized if needed to fit the user’s specific requirements. 

Check out the reviews and star-ratings customers that used 250mm wall panel products have provided. There is also additional information on our additional wall panel sizes on the site which includes 400mm Wall Panels and 1000mm Wall Panels.

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