400mm Wall Panels

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400mm Wall Panels

Looking to add a stylish and practical finishing touch to your bathroom or shower? The great selection of 400mm PVC wall panels from within our Plastic Wall Panels offers a range of styles and sizes to choose from to suit any existing bathroom design. The versatile 400mm wall panels come in a variety of styles, from Modern blue to Feventa beige.

The high-quality PVC used in these wall panels offer a durable alternative to classic tiles with a lot less maintenance needed. Alongside the convenience of using 400mm wall panels in the bathroom, you will find this to be a lot more cost-effective method of decorating the shower/bath area than tiles. The bathroom wall panel 400mm wide product provides a waterproof cover for bathroom walls that looks great!

A 400mm shower panel is great for those looking to implement a stylish, lasting design in the bathroom. These 400mm wall panels can be used as the original design of a new bathroom or to provide a fresh look for an existing room. The 400mm wall panels are lightweight and easy to install or modify if needed.

The Benefits of Using Wall Panels

A number of people have already made the switch to wall panels in the shower or bathroom design. The advantages of using 400mm PVC wall panels start when it comes to installing them, which does not require any specialist tools or knowledge to complete. Once the wall panels are in place, there is very little maintenance required as these panels will not become mouldy as often as classic tiles. 

These 400mm shower panels are sold in packs of four with a great variety of styles to choose from. Those looking to put an individual twist on the bathroom design can even mix and match colour panels to produce a unique design!

400mm Wall Panels from the Plastic Centre

There are up to 14 different styles of bathroom wall panel 400m packs available on-site, from the classic grey and sand-coloured panels to the patterned Copenhagen blue 400mm wall panels. All of these 400mm wall panels are 8mm thick and approximately 2.5 metres in height, so you won’t need to buy many of them to cover a shower/bath area. 

Amongst these wall panels available at the Plastic Centre, designs include painted tile patterns, marble and stone-style designs. The product types on site include the various styles that are purchased in packs of four as a ‘multi-tile’ or 400mm wall panel pack. 

With 14 individual styles to choose from and the ability to buy a pack with different styles included, there is a lot of possibility with these 400 mm PVC wall panels. As well as making your mark on the bathroom, these tiles could be used to decorate the kitchen or any other chosen part of the home. 

There is a great range of tips and tricks available at the Plastic Centre website around setting up and using these 400mm bathroom wall panels. Alternatively, we stock two other sizes which may be useful if you cannot find what you are looking for here, we stock 250mm wall panel and 1000mm shower panels.

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