Marble Effect Wall Panels

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Marble Effect Wall Panels

If you’re looking for wall cladding to complete the aesthetic of any commercial or residential property, the marble effect PVC panels that offer are a great option. These products come in a variety of styles and sizes, meaning that you can find the right panel to suit any building here at the Plastic Centre. The use of plastic wall cladding has increased dramatically in recent years as the benefits of long-lasting, durable plastic

All of the marble effect wall panel products on site are covered by a 10-year guarantee and available for delivery or collection across the UK! These products maintain a waterproof, rot proof and hygienic wall covering in temperatures between -20 and 60 Degrees Celsius. If you are looking for luxurious, stone-effect wall cladding, the range of marble-effect PVC panels at the Plastic Centre is a great place to start!

The Benefits of Marble Effect Wall Panels

There are a range of advantages to these marble effect wall panel products that have led to the huge popularity of these products in recent years. Firstly, these wall panels allow the user to achieve the desired aesthetic with the look and texture of natural marble achieved by a durable plastic panel. The 5mm pastel grey marble effect panel is one example of a natural look achieved by these products, ideal for any bathroom or kitchen wall!

Alongside the look of these marble effect PVC panels, the practical advantages make them a lot more popular than more traditional materials. Once they are installed, marble effect wall panel is resistant to chipping, scratching, and cracking with very little maintenance required. The watertight materials provide wall cladding that is resistant to leaks and moisture that makes them great for areas with a lot of exposure to liquids.

Marble Effect Wall Panels at The Plastic Centre

There is a great variety of marble effect PVC panels to choose from at the Plastic Centre. All of the products come in packs of 4 panels that measure 250 mm in width and 2.6m in height, the thickness can vary with 5mm or 8mm pastel grey marble effect wall panels available.

If you’re looking for a more clean design from a marble effect wall panel, the 5mm beige wall panels could be the answer. These products provide a smoother, clean-looking design whilst keeping the authentic polished marble texture look that makes this such a popular option. The 8mm beige marble effect wall panels provide the same clean aesthetic with increased resistance, longevity and insulative qualities.

Marble effect PVC panels that offer more of a natural, textured design are the 5mm dark grey marble effect wall panels. In these products, the natural streaks and different colours of a real marble surface are visible that provides a more authentic look when installed. Marble effect wall panel with a more textured look can also help to hide any imperfections like stains from everyday use. The 8mm dark grey marble effects all panels feature all of the same advantages with an added 3 mm of thickness that could help the products to last even longer!

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