Natural & Brick Effect Cladding

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Natural Brick & Stone Effect Cladding

The range of heavy-duty brick effect wall panels available provides a great selection of styles to complete the interior of any property. The use of plastic wall panels brings a number of advantages over traditional building materials, and the style of these products can create the same aesthetic as classic brickwork walls. There is a huge selection of brick effect cladding panels to choose from that offer a natural look with many advantages that make plastic cladding so popular.

The range of brick effect wall panels on offer includes a variety of styles, from traditional 8mm Red Brick Effect Wall Cladding to tiled patterns, solid concrete or graphite styles. The use of brick effect cladding panels has a number of advantages over other wall coverings like paint, wallpaper and wood. Check out the benefits of brick-effect wall panels and the range of products available at the Plastic Centre!

The Benefits of Brick Effect Cladding

There are a number of advantages to using the great brick effect wall panels we have available. Firstly, brick-effect wall panels are a much more cost-effective way of replicating an authentic brick-style wall at a fraction of the cost. Another advantage of brick effect cladding is the lack of maintenance required once the panels have been installed; this means less work and money are required to maintain the wall or walls of a property. 

The brick effect wall panels offer a simple installation for the user, be that a professional decorator or a homeowner looking to complete the job themselves. The brick effect cladding panels are lightweight and versatile, making them ideal for anyone looking to install them. Like many plastic wall cladding and panels, these products feature a number of practical properties once installed, from insulation to water resistance!

Brick Effect Cladding at The Plastic Centre

If the brick effect wall panels we have mentioned sound like a good idea to you, there is a huge variety of products to check out at the Plastic Centre. Those looking for a clean effect on their room may like the Havana Silver Grey Effect Wall Panels or the Mini Metro White Tile Effect product that gives a light feel to any room. 

A more textured style of brick effect cladding can be achieved with the 8mm Lava Effect Graphite Wall Panels that give a darker tone, better for environments prone to mess or damage. The Havana Dark Brown Tile Effect Wall Panels provide a darker tiled finish that looks great and is more resistant to everyday wear and tear.

All of these brick-effect cladding products are 8mm in thickness, apart from the 5mm Concrete Grey Stone Effect panels that are slightly more lightweight. These products are available in packs of 4 panels, with each panel measuring 250 mm in width and 2.6m in height. All brick-effect wall panels feature waterproof and rot-proof qualities and come with a 10-year guarantee from the Plastic Centre. This makes natural brick and stone effect wall cladding a smart choice for anyone looking to achieve a natural look with the added advantages of durable plastic products.

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