Bathroom Wall Panels

Plastic Bathroom Wall Panels & Cladding

Bathroom wall panels, particularly those made from plastic cladding, are increasingly popular in modern home designs due to their blend of functionality and aesthetics. Unlike traditional tiling, these panels offer a seamless and contemporary look while providing practical benefits. The plastic cladding is inherently waterproof and mold-resistant, making it an excellent choice for humid bathroom environments. Its ease of installation sets it apart from conventional bathroom wall treatments, as it can be quickly mounted without the need for grouting. Additionally, these panels are easy to clean and maintain, resisting stains and wear over time. This combination of durability, low maintenance, and visual appeal makes bathroom wall panels a smart and stylish choice for any bathroom renovation or upgrade.


Plastic cladding stands out as an exceptional material for these spaces. It’s not just waterproof; it’s also a breeze to install over large areas without the need for grout. This means no more moldy grout lines, just a smooth, uninterrupted surface that looks clean and inviting. When choosing cladding for your wetroom, consider the thickness and quality to ensure a long-lasting finish. Installation is straightforward – panels can be fixed directly to wall surfaces with adhesive, and for added peace of mind, use a silicone sealant along joins and around the room’s perimeter.

Shower Areas

Shower areas are particularly susceptible to moisture damage, making the choice of wall covering crucial. Plastic cladding offers a water-resistant barrier that keeps underlying walls dry and secure. With its mold and mildew resistance, cladding is ideal for showers, providing a hygienic surface that wipes clean in an instant. The seamless nature of plastic panels means you won’t have to scrub between tiles; a simple spray and wipe will keep your shower looking brand new. To install, measure your space carefully, cut the cladding to size with a fine-tooth saw, and affix it using adhesive designed for wet areas. Finish off with a trim around the edges for a neat, professional look that will stand the test of time.

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