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An Introduction to Vented Soffit Boards

Various types of soffit boards exist for different purposes, one of which is a vented soffit board. Normal soffit boards are used to protect the rafters and attach the fascia board to the external roof of a house, providing extra guard from the elements and the weather. These regular soffit boards do not have any opening, meaning no airflow can make it into the house’s rafters. With the 9mm vented soffit board and other vented soffit board variations, there is a designated opening to allow airflow while still protecting the home from weather changes.

Unlike the UPVC soffit boards we stock, the vented soffit boards available at The Plastic Centre come with vents already cut, these are used to provide ventilation through the roof without causing any damage to the level of protection provided. The airflow into the roof is positive when it is intentional and controlled, as this can help prevent dampness and mould from growing inside the rafters.

The Benefits of Vented Soffit Boards

The plastic we use in all of our complete range of facias and soffits is a great alternative to wooden or metal ones for many reasons. One of the main reasons for this is its cost-effectiveness of using plastic vented soffit boards, which makes it the perfect choice for anyone with a large job to complete who cannot afford to spend a ridiculous amount on the needed pieces. Thanks to the material used, UPVC, these vented soffit boards are very lightweight and can be easily installed by a single person. They are also close to being maintenance-free thanks to the material, meaning they can be cleaned easily and kept in good condition.

The main purpose of soffit boards is to cover the eaves underneath the overhanging roof. This is partly for aesthetic value and partly for the homeowner’s benefit. Covering the eaves but allowing air through the vented boards means enough air gets in without leaving the roof open. There is plenty of options to choose from when looking for the vented soffit board you want for your project, and at The Plastic Centre, we have seven different options.

9mm Vented Flat Boards at The Plastic Centre

The vented soffit board options we stock include a wide range of sizes such as 300mm vented soffit board, 200mm vented soffit board, and 150mm vented soffit board all of which are very popular products from this range. All of these options come in either a 3-metre or 5-metre section, and there are different colours to choose from to match the style and aesthetic you want for your home.  Many colour options are available to find the right one for your goal aesthetic. You can purchase Anthracite Grey vented soffit boards, black vented soffit boards, Mahogany woodgrain, Rosewood woodgrain, Sherwood woodgrain and White soffit boards.

Before deciding which vented flat boards to buy, make sure you understand the sizing and colour you wish to use for your project. There is enough range on our site to cover any job, but you must make sure you make the right decision.

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