130mm Klassic Ogee Rainwater Guttering

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Klassic Ogee Rainwater Guttering

Simply put, a Plastic Ogee Guttering system is a type of rainwater harvesting system that utilises an ogee-shaped overflow to manage as well as collect large volumes of rainwater. These systems are specifically designed to be installed on buildings with large roof areas, such as commercial or industrial buildings.

One of the key features when it comes to Plastic Ogee Guttering systems is the high storage capacity they come paired with. These systems are typically installed with a large underground tank or cistern that can hold thousands of gallons of water, as a result of this. It allows the system to collect and store significant amounts of rainwater, even during heavy rainfall periods.

The Benefits of Klassic Ogee Rainwater

A main benefit of a Plastic Ogee Guttering system is its ability to reduce water consumption and costs. By collecting and using rainwater for irrigation and a host of other non-potable water uses, buildings can, therefore, significantly reduce their dependence on municipal water supplies. Consequently, this can lead to significant cost savings, as well as offer some additional environmental benefits by reducing the strain on local water resources.

Moreover, Plastic Ogee Guttering systems also have the ability to improve water quality. As rainwater is naturally free of impurities and chemicals in most cases, this makes it an ideal source of water for a number of different uses. What’s more, the system’s filtration and treatment systems help to ensure that any water that passes through is free of contaminants and overall safe for use.

Furthermore, the ogee-shaped overflow is designed to allow excess water to flow away from the system in a controlled manner, making them an ideal solution for managing overflow. Thus, this also aids in the prevention of damage to corresponding buildings and surrounding areas, as well as maintaining consistent water levels.

Klassic Ogee Rainwater at The Plastic Centre

When it comes down to Plastic Ogee Guttering, we here at the Plastic Centre stock a wide range of these extremely efficient products, each of which is constructed with the highest quality of PVC plastics. Consequently, these can help make a system durable and resistant to corrosion, as well as extremely lightweight. Due to this, these can easily be fitted, negating the need for any complicated tools or apparatus. Furthermore, should you wish to have a more specific size, these can easily be cut and trimmed down to a more desired size.

Two of the most popular variations of Plastic Ogee Guttering are the Square Plastic Down Pipe as well as the 4m Gutter. These are the main components you will find in a high-capacity rainwater system, as their size can accommodate large volumes of water. However, in order to accommodate changes in direction, we also stock a number of Angle Gutters, both for internal and external uses. These come in two different angles, these being 90° and 135° and can easily be paired with some External or Internal Stopends in order to complete the look of the system.

Despite all of the functional benefits and factors these possess, the Plastic Ogee Guttering we stock can also be customised in terms of colour, allowing the choice between a white, black and brown option. Consequently, you can select one that best suits your projects and fits your building’s aesthetics best.

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